After Got Involved Into Several Scandals, Lee Jong Hyun CNBLUE Finally Left the Band!

“Hello. This is Lee Jong Hyun.
I once again apologize to the people I’ve hurt through my inappropriate words and actions and to all the people that I’ve greatly disappointed.
Also although it’s late, I am informing you that I’m withdrawing from CNBLUE. I feel sorry that I have caused harm for the members, and I have told the members as well that I am withdrawing. I am ashamed to have disappointed the fans who believed in me.
Since all of us including me are currently doing our military service, it took a while to convey opinions and announce this. I feel sorry and grateful to our company who waited.
I feel great regret over my wrongdoing and I am willing to accept criticism from many people. I’m sorry for evoking criticism over a shameful matter.”

It is offical statement from K-Pop singer Lee Jong Hyan, he is leaving globally famous band CNBLUE after being embroiled in a controversy, his agency, FNC Entertainment has confirmed, after the newest controversy over his direct messages to a YouTuber, Park Min Jung on August 28, his Instagram appears to have been deleted.

As previously reported, several popular South Korean male entertainers brought down after the revelation of a series of chat rooms filled with illicit and immoral content, including allegations of sexual assault and Jong Hyun is currently reflecting due to his involvement in this controversial chatroom, which included illegally filmed hidden camera footage of women, conversations degrading women, and references to rape.

Previously, FNC issued a statement that said the star, who is currently fulfilling South Korea’s mandatory military draft service, was in a period of reflection for his wrongdoing. But the issue arose again this week after YouTuber Park Min Jung revealed screenshots of a series of direct messages from Lee, received over Instagram, through which he reportedly said he enjoyed watching her YouTube channel and later added that he thought her belly fat was cute, drawing new attention to his inappropriate interactions with and about women.

Jong Hyun was active as a member of CNBLUE since 2010 and has also acted in South Korean television and film. The 29-year-old star was previously fined in relation to 2016 allegations of insider trading.

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