Prince Harry : I spend 99% of my life traveling the world by commercial.

As you may know, Prince Harry has been an outspoken environmental activist for much of his life. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s attempts to emphasize the importance of living environmentally friendly, they have faced global backlash.

The trouble started when the couple took a jaunt to the South of France to hang out at Elton John's palatial estate for a few days, as one does. The problem wasn't with the trip itself, but with the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan traveled on a private jet.

But as the weeks went by, Prince Harry and Meghan remained silent, while Prince William and Kate Middleton made a point of flying commercial, thus scoring points on their rumored rivals.

After weeks of being slammed for using private jets with his wife Meghan Markle and son Archie, on September 3, the Duke of Sussex announced the launch of a new sustainable travel program, Travalyst, where he directly addressed critics who call his use of private jets hypocritical. Coincidental timing or an act of contrition? You be the judge…

Speaking at a press conference, Prince Harry explained that he uses commercial jets 99 percent of the time while travelling around the world. However, he added that he uses private jets occasionally, when he feels that it is necessary to ensure the safety of his wife Meghan Markle and their newborn son Archie.

During the Q&A session of the Travalyst event, Prince Harry was asked point-blank about flying private, saying he sometimes does so to protect the security of his family. “I came here by commercial. I spend 99% of my life traveling the world by commercial. Occasionally, there needs to be an opportunity based on a unique circumstance to ensure my family are safe and it’s genuinely as simple as that.”

The royal was first said to have flown privately to attend Google Camp in Sicily, where he reportedly delivered a speech on climate change. Then, Harry and Markle reportedly flew to a holiday resort in Ibiza for a family vacation with Archie, before travelling to Elton John's home in the south of France.

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